CARS Marketing. Bridging The Gap Between Dealer And Consumer.

Driving Sales To The Showroom Floor.

Our proven Loyalty and Conquest programs deliver real results!

CARS Marketing. Bridging the Gap between Dealer and Consumer.

A Car Buyers Journey

The car buyer’s journey is accelerating, with consumers doing the majority of their research – even buying – online. Take advantage of our proven programs to ensure you’re along for the consumer’s ride.


Buyers do their vehicle research online and 60% of buyers decide what make and model they want before stepping foot in a showroom. Make sure your message reaches them early.


Only 29% of Canadians say they are ‘very satisfied’ with their current vehicles. Of the factors impacting vehicle choice, 40% are based on features and performance and 60% are based on emotional appeal


50% of Canadian buyers will choose a different brand the next time they buy. CARSM has two proprietary Conquest data sources to help attract new customers.


JD Power recognizes brand loyalty as a key element to automotive sales success. Retain satisfied customers with your data and our proprietary AI.


Build solid customer relationships with service and customer appreciation campaigns after the sale and grow secondary revenue streams.

Data Management

Great Data, Targeted Messaging

Great data drives highly targeted programs putting the right message in the hands of the right customer at the right time.

Get More From Your Customer Data

We do all the standard data cleansing you would expect, then put our proprietary AI to work generating more business from loyal customers.

Stop The Conquest Data Churn

Our competitors churn the same data everyone else does. Our data comes from our own database augmented with precision information from specialized sources.

Fast, Flexible And Effective

Time is of the essence in automotive retail. Our flexible, turnkey, programmatic solutions are built for quick turnaround. And we do it all in-house, without third-party vendors.

Professional Services


Behavioral and outcome analysis is an important task in our workflow management process, helping us improve on key areas to maximize your return on investment.


We use the absolute minimum amount of personal data necessary to fulfill a multi-touch program. Our automated filters remove all unnecessary data before we approach a file.


Keeping your customers engaged throughout the entire process with our CRTC compliant call center.


In-house Creative enables us to build professional templates that comply with brand specifications enabling you to qualify for co-op dollars.

Focus, Messaging And Delivery.

Create a direct connection with your dealership.

CARS Marketing complies with Canadian marketing standards and regulations.

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Client Retention
Profiles Targeted
DMs Delivered
Emails Delivered

BDC. Keeping Customers Engaged.

Your customers are kept engaged throughout the entire process using our exclusive relationship with Customers For Life and their CRTC compliant call center team.

Customers For Life is completely changing the game on how we contact and engage customers throughout a marketing campaign.

We work on a performance-based pricing model. Rather than charging per phone call made, we charge per shown appointment. This means if you don’t get appointments, YOU DON’T PAY!

BDC: Tracking Level Of Service

1. Focus on the best 500 candidates based on the last RO and delivery date of the vehicle in their driveway.

2. We watch your client portal in real time to see if a scheduled appointment shows.

3. We make attempts to contact your client by having a conversation or leaving a message.

4. We follow up after an appointment to get feedback. We follow up after the campaign – if not sold – to gauge the level of customer interest.

BDC. Better Than Having A Trainer On Site!

Track customer engagement and level of interest.

We only charge for our service when a customer shows up for an appointment.

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Trusted By Leading Dealer Groups

Our services help secure customer retention, generate leads, and produce sales. And best of all, our templates enable you to recoup co-op dollars!

Choose A Program That’s Right For Your Business.

New Digital Package

The Loyalty campaign our customers have been wanting! Combines email blasts with outbound calling.

High Impact Upgrade Mailer

Our high impact Upgrade Mailer delivers maximum impact. Combine dealer and OEM offers for a custom looking piece.

High Impact Event Mailer

Our high impact Event Mailer delivers maximum impact. Combine dealer and OEM offers for a custom looking piece.

At CARS Marketing We Have You Covered!


Receive $500 OFF your first scheduled event with CARS Marketing!*

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Plan, Execute, Monitor And Fulfill.

CARS Marketing. Programs that deliver real results!

Our mission at CARS Marketing is to help Automotive Dealers communicate with their consumers through smart marketing that produces results. Our staff has years of industry experience in the automotive market and will drive customers through your door.

Give us a call at 905 220 9306 or leave us a message. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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